Swiftwater Rescue Technician for the River Professional

This three day-24hr. course is designed to meet the needs of professional river guides and is a must for recreational river runners and anyone finding themselves working on or near the water. This intensive 24 hour class has four hours of classroom instruction followed by two and a half days of developing and practicing skills on the river. Governmental emergency personnel such as fire and police need to take the NFPA Swiftwater Rescue Technician for Rescue Professionals.

Course Curriculum Summary:

  • Identifying River Hazards
  • Self Rescue
  • Tethered Swimmers / Contact Rescues
  • Throwbag Deployment
  • Boat Based / Shore Based Rescues
  • Foot and Body Entrapment
  • Knots
  • Mechanical Advantage and Technical Rope Systems
  • Quick, Smooth, Effective Rescue Technique

Swiftwater Safety InstituteThis course can be taught as a three day course, or a two day course with two evening components regarding risk management techniques/policies, decision making and legal matters concerning expedition trip leaders, outfitters and company personnel as a whole.

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Course Registration

Swiftwater Safety Institute will be facilitating all of the Swiftwater Rescue classes, please view their schedule.

Swift Water Rescue for the Professional