Wilderness First Responder Re-certification (WRC) – 24 hours

Wilderness First Responder Recertification CourseThis course may be used to refresh a Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA), Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness EMT (wilderness section only) certifications. The 3-day course is heavily scenario based and will provide a review and update of wilderness medicine treatment practices, protocols and evacuation guidelines. On day one we will jump right into scenarios and move through the course curriculum at a fast pace. While we cannot cover the entire course in only three days you are responsible for the entire curriculum. To better prepare you for success we provide you with a study guide that must be completed and handed into your instructors the morning of the first day of class. American Heart Association

Our WFR Recertification courses are nationally recognized!

Curriculum is tailored to:

  • Experienced Backcountry Users & Professional Guides
  • The Latest Wilderness Medicine Protocols
  • Industry Standards
  • Risk Assessment & Wilderness Risk Management


  1. Previous WFR certifications must have be at least 72-hours in length.
  2. All participants must have completed and returned  the refresher course study guide to the course instructors the first day of class (Click on link below for more information)

Re-certification Through Other Wilderness Medicine Training Providers
Most wilderness medicine training providers will accept a 72-hour wilderness first responder course for re-certification.  The provider will issue you a new card upon successful completion of their course.

Study Guide

Review our WFR recertification study guide

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