DMM Medical Course FAQ

Certification Length

All DMM wilderness medicine certifications are valid for 2 years with a one-year grace period. During that grace period you are not certified.  You also need a current CPR card for your wilderness medicine certification to be valid.   American Heart association CPR cards are valid for two years with no grace period.

Recertification Guidelines

If your certification is with Desert Mountain Medicine and you have not expired meaning you are not in your grace period you can recertify with any wilderness medicine training center.

If you have expired and are within your grace period contact the company that you wish to recertify with and ask them about their policies.

If you have expired and are no longer within your grace period you will have to take a full wilderness first responder course again.  We suggest that you take a full course after 3 recertification courses to solidify your knowledge base and practice more skills through scenarios.

Replacement Cards

Steps to Receive Replacement Card:


  • All replacement cards are $15 which you can request here.

Steps to Receive a Replacement CPR Card:

Call the Colorado CPR association and ask for a replacement card.  You will need to give them your name and course dates so they can find you in their system.   They will also accept a $15 payment over the phone for a replacement card.